ESD management software & system

Improve the efficiency of your ESD processes and
activities with our solution


Wireless data transfer



ESD measurement with fast wireless data transfer

  • Useful system to store and manage data
  • Solution to connect AIJGO-60BT and AIJGO-61BT ESD measuring devices with Android smart devices via Bluetooth
  • Android application to transfer data to ESD management software via Wi-Fi connection
  • Automatic data transmission
  • Help in managing maintenance tasks and detection of ESD errors
    Support for the correction of detected
  • ESD protection failures with reminders and notifications

If you use our solution, you will be able to:

  • measure and send the results easily to your mobile
  • have up-to-date information about measurements and
    static control status
  • control and trace back ESD measuring activities with
    ESD management software
  • avoid human administrative errors with
    automatic data transmission
  • avoid measurements with not calibrated devices due to calibration notifications

Our offer includes:

  • AIJGO-60BT and/or AIJGO-61BT hardware(s)
  • ESD management smart device application which can be installed on Android devices
  • ESD management software which can be installed on a computer and used via Intranet
  • Accesses to the system for 3 users (1 admin, 2 technician roles)

How to use our system?

  1. Identify ESD control items which support ESD protection
  2. Build up the hierarchy in the ESD management software
  3. Add the ESD control items to the software and configure measurement requirements
  4. Place QR code identifiers (these are generated automatically by the software) on the ESD control items except floors if you want to use QR codes
  5. Read a QR code with an Android smart device using our ESD management application or identify an item manually
  6. Measure
  7. Record the measured results with automatic data transmission or manually with your mobile
  8. Application will send data to the ESD management software automatically in case of proper internet connection
  9. You can identify other item with reading other QR code and you can repeate steps 6-7
  10. Measurement results can be viewed in the ESD management software

ESD Management software for PC

  • You can use the ESD Wise software on computers to manage your ESD areas, devices, items and measurements.
  • You are able to record and view information about your ESD measurements with ESD Wise software.

Smart device app

  • The ESD Wise mobile application allows you to receive ESD measurement information from your AIJGO-60BT or AIJGO-61BT device via Bluetooth connection and it can send the data automatically to the ESD Wise software via Wi-Fi connection.
  • You can define and choose for which part of an item you want to record ESD measurement data with the help of the ESD Wise application.


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