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Wireless data transfer




  • Make processes faster and easier, be more productive
  • Reduce paperwork, think of our better future
  • Review historical data from previous measurements
  • Avoid dataloss due to employee fluctuation
  • Follow standard or customer requirement changes easily with adjustments
  • Act on time and be preventive with the help of warning system
  • Use our system in one of the main world languages

Improve the efficiency of your ESD processes and
activities with our solution

ESD measurement with fast  wireless data transfer

  • Useful system to store and manage data
  • Solution to connect AIJGO-60BT and AIJGO-61BT ESD measuring devices with Android smart devices via Bluetooth
  • Android smart device application to transfer data to ESD management software via wireless network connection
  • Automatic data transfer
  • Help in task handling and assignment (e.g. calibration, detection of ESD errors)
  • Support for the correction of detected ESD protection failures with reminders and notifications

If you use our solution, you will be able to:

  • measure and send the results easily to the Android smart device application
  • have up-to-date information about measurements and static control status
  • control and trace back ESD measuring activities with ESD management software
  • reduce human administrative errors with automatic data transfer
  • avoid measurements with not calibrated devices due to calibration notifications

Our offer includes:

  • AIJGO-60BT and/or AIJGO-61BT hardware(s)
    Application compatible with Android smart devices
  • ESD management software which can be used flexibly on local or remote network
  • Accesses to the system for 3 users (1 admin, 2 technician roles)

ESD Wise system usage with QR codes and appropriate wireless connection

  1. Identify and set up measurement methods, measuring devices and your ESD control items in the management software.
  2. Unique QR code identifiers are generated for ESD control items there. Print them and place them on the items.
  3. Use the Android smart device app to scan a QR code, measure and record the measured results with your Android smart device.
  4. The Android app sends the recorded data to the management software.
  5. You can continue the measurement on additional ESD protected devices.
  6. You can view the measurement results in the management software and download reports.

ESD management software

  • You can use the ESD Wise software to manage your ESD areas, devices, items and measurements.
  • You are able to record and view information about your ESD measurements with it.

Application compatible with Android smart devices

  • The ESD Wise Android smart device application allows you to receive ESD measurement information from your AIJGO-60BT or AIJGO-61BT device via Bluetooth connection and it can send the data automatically to the ESD Wise software via wireless network connection.
  • You can define and choose for which part of an item you want to record ESD measurement data with the help of the ESD Wise Android smart device application.

Management software functions

You can setup our system and customize it to your needs, as it is useful for your application.
We introduce here things which you can arrange and use.

Manage settings to customize the system structure – flexible tayloring to your company

  • Arrange users, areas and measuring devices as you wish

Flexible measurement parameter definition

  • Change in standard or customer requirements? In the ESD Wise system accepted measurement values can be changed at system level
  • Build up your template structure with parameters, measurement points, and ESD control items

Manage physical ESD control items, floors

  • Product qualification management – Build up a good registry with the uploading of pictures, certifications and documents about the ESD items
  • The system provides automatic QR code generation for fast and easy identification of the ESD items

Plan and handle periodic measurements for items and floors – and have the registry after they are done

Assign tasks for users and have automatic notifications about measuring and calibration tasks

Android smart device application functions

ESD Wise android application


ESD Wise android application

Specification of the management software’s web address you want to connect the app

ESD Wise android application

Menu items after login

ESD Wise android application

Tasks menu:
here you can see the tasks which were assigned to your account

ESD Wise android application

Floor (EPA) measurements menu:
here you can see the floor measurement tasks which were assigned to your account

ESD Wise android application

Device connect menu:
here you can scan available Bluetooth enabled devices and connect to one of them with the application

Technical information

  • We suggest to install the main management software on a secure webserver and reserve minimum 5 GB storage for it
  • Smart device application compatibility: Android 10 or newer, recommended: Android 14 or newer
  • We suggest to use the application on tablet or bigger screen mobile
  • The application can communicate with AIJGO-60BT and AIJGO-61BT products

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